What is a Connectivity Agency?

It's a new way to get everything connected.

A reseller sells you products and services, a vendor sells you hardware and a consultant sells you experience and time.

They all have their own approaches and reasons for technology choices.
A Connectivity Agency is different.

They Work for you

A connectivity agent works on your behalf and manages all customers, suppliers and projects with your best interests in mind.

Have Deep Understanding

They take the time to understand you and your needs and look to support you and fulfill those requirements with the most appropriate products and services.

Are Subject Matter Experts

They are treated internally and seen externally just like another member of staff - but are specialists in, - and generally only work on, connectivity related tasks.

Are Easy, Scalable & Flexible

Easier than employing your own specialist, acting as a scalable resource capable of working on tiny to terrific sized projects and happy to work in whatever way suits you best.